Mercedes-AMG G63 Race To The Highway’s Maximum Speed Of Three Times

mercedes benz g63 amg

The Mercedes Benz G63 AMG &  we’re thinking about the old one, instance since the recently released G-Wagon hadn’t yet met the Affalterbach model-is a beast with its 571 hp & 5.5-liter turbocharged V8 engine, however, when it comes to its high speed, you can easily leave it behind in automobiles with a two-liter four-cylinder engines.

mercedes benz g63 amg

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The behemoth can top off at a speed of 130 mph (209 km / h), which is not exactly amazing for a vehicle with that kind of energy, not to include the AMG logo over its entire body. Yet thinking about its engine, that’s exactly what keeps the G63 from hitting the higher speeds that people would expect from its pedigree.

While fitting a powerful engine & luxury interior trim, the fact that this vehicle is made for things completely different from separating the air at high speeds does not get around. By piling brick on top of a relatively long one, you can replicate its form, & we all know how it really would do in a wind tunnel.

mercedes benz g63 amg

Just like terminal velocity, when air friction says “no more,” its maximum speed a falling object may achieve, the V8 engine can only fight the air resistance for so long. The guy in the video below actually goes somewhat over the estimated 209 km / h (depending on the onboard speedometer he hits 212 km / h), but that can also be either a misunderstanding or the wind blowing from the back.

Even if viewed through a laptop or Smartphone’s camera, though, the experience of driving such as a large car comes off as quite frightening. I can assure you that, having done this in real life, it’s nothing compared to sitting behind the wheel. Yet acceleration in a straight line doesn’t give one of these SUVs the most thrilling feeling you can have. Try to tackle a winding mountain road with all of the aplomb your survival instinct requires, and then you’ll start looking at thrill rides the same way a commercial airliner looks like an astronaut. Do not believe me? See for you.

The revised suspension of the G-Class aims to cope on-road better with a fully independent front shock, coil spring in all corners & optional adjustable dampers on the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG. The Dynamic Select system features 3 additional AMG-specific modes including dirt, rock and trail settings while venturing off paved roads.

mercedes benz g63 amg

The AMG-tuned G63 looks more powerful than the regular G-Class, with larger air intakes, tires, Panamerica grill from Mercedes & a side pipe exhaust system. A pair of 12.3-inch displays acts as the instrument cluster & COMAND infotainment monitor powered by the thumb controls on the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG steering wheel & a 64-color ambient lighting system.

If the G63 is still not enough for your taste, just cross your fingers for AMG to carry out a potential successor to a G65. People are liking it for many reasons like these armored truck drivers.