Frankenslot’s Monster Review

The Mad Scientist is about to assault your senses with his crazy experiments. If you’re brave enough, venture into the lab and meet him face-to-face!


“I’m here to help,” you say confidently as the door swings open. You step inside and are greeted by an awaiting man wearing dark clothes; his face is hidden in shadows so that only two eyes can be seen – glowing amongst them like pools of ink on paper at night (or maybe they’re simply sparks). “My name’s Viktor,” he gestures toward himself while holding out one arm expectantly, surprising him when another person appears standing next to him: A beautiful young woman with long brown hair tied behind her head into three tails which bounce across her backside whenever she walks.

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The 96.8% payout percentage is high, with wins regularly coming at the highest wager levels! This slot has a 5×3 setup that features 20 pay lines and can be played on desktop browsers or mobile devices – there are no restrictions for how you want to play it as many other providers do nowadays (you’re free as long as your account lasts). The Jackpot amounts to up to 500 coins; if players match all five wild symbols in their games, they will win an additional 50k bonus cash prizes, too, which makes this machine lucrative overall.

Symbols: Where Victorian Meets Gothic

Frankenslot’s Monster is in an authentically messy lab full of Victorian-style gothic elements. The background features crazy brick walls with arched pillars, a bubbling glass sphere and more electrical wires that give it just enough credibility, as well as weird-looking machines throughout!

Slot is all wilds, scatters and bonus games. High-value symbols include the strapped Monster with its glowing green eyes that will scare your pants off! It’s one of my favourite slots to play because there’s always something new happening on each screen you look at – whether it be an amazing prize winnings animation or some other exciting event like lightning bolts flying across everything while sirens blare in the background (don’t worry though; they only do this during thunderstorms).

The background music is a jazz compilation perfect for any gambling event. The 3D graphics and card symbols will keep you focused on your game while being distracted by cool animations, lighting effects or soundscapes from different moments in time!


Frankenslot’s Monster has a low minimum bet and high maximums. You can choose from 0.40 spins up to 100 per line when playing this game, so make sure you read about all of your options before diving in.

You can make a maximum wager using the Max Bet button, and autoplay will help you spin to the given number. You’ll be able to keep track of bets won in addition to this display located at the bottom left corner – it’s perfect!

Bonus Features

Free Spins

In the free spins round, Monster from Betsoft comes fully alive on reels 2 through 4. Land three scatters anywhere, and you’ll receive 8 rounds of bonus play – before your winnings are evaluated! One or two icons will turn wild, giving an additional payout for landing this symbol; more continues if another set appears again next time (these only show up here).

Bonus Game

Land three bonus icons on the reels and get to play a mini-game where you have control of what type of shock is given off by pushing buttons using your device’s screen. The more times it is pushed, it corresponds with higher levels of power in terms that are clear for all players but also have some mystery behind them too! You’ll win up to 25x total stake if this symbol lands anywhere during gameplay, so make sure not to miss out.

The Gamble Feature

What is a Head or Tail gamble game? The answer to this question will depend on whether you’re in the base game, where every successful bet allows for one more round of betting and guessing. If your guess is correct, then not only do they give out prizes but also double them! This can be done up until when it comes time to collect bets- if anything goes wrong with any decision made during play, then however much was staked has been lost forever though mistakes aren’t accountable, so don’t worry too much about getting everything right because even losing often results in just having fun trying different strategies.


From the first time you see this game, you’ll be hooked on its spectacular graphics and animations. The bonus leads players into a fun-filled science lab, where they work with a scientist to win prizes while getting help from Monster, who goes about his own business throughout all of it! There are substantial rewards both in the base game as well as free spins bonuses that can easily trigger if looked for patiently enough by simply playing through each level without stopping too much – make sure not to miss out on any opportunities because there might never come again.